What IS Silly?

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Silly is defined as: “Having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; foolish” It’s not just pertaining to relationships as I’ve discussed in this book. Silly can be defined as:

1. Making unwise financial decisons (should I pay this bill or purchase these items? should I pay off this credit card or pay on it? should I repay the money my acquaintance sacrificed to help me in my time of need or should I tell her I don’t have it yet?)

2. Keeping company with people who don’t help me to grow my character (unhealthy relationships)

3. Being disrespectful to parents (your power lies within how you respond to those who have wronged you unfairly)

4. Making unwise financial investments without doing your own research

Regardless of the decisons made, they can be learned from. Either to continue on the path you’re on or to alter the path. Take your silly moment and turn it into a success story for you and those you encounter. Success is not defined by the amount finances you acquire; it’s setting out to complete a specific purpose or goal in your life- whatever that may be. What legacy will you leave? Silly or Success?

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  1. I don’t even understand how I ended up here, but I thought this publish was great.

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